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Adventure Rider Radio RAW Motorcycle Podcast A spinoff from Adventure Rider Radio, ARR RAW is Roundtable discussions about motorcycles, travel and anything else that crosses our minds completely unscripted, raw and personal from the producers of the most popular ADV podcast in the world - Adventure Rider Radio
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Sep 19, 2016

This episode of RAW contains explicit language that some may find offensive :)

ARR RAW Round Table Discussion with Travellers - Episode 9

Featuring Grant Johnson, Sam Manicom, Graham Field and Jim Martin. 

Recorded live at Canwest HUBB Meet in Nakusp, BC -

Trains and Ferries
What’s involved?
Tie-downs? Blocks under bike? Your methods.
Pitfalls to be aware of.
Security - Should I stay with my bike etc…?
Are some countries worse for?…
Stories of things gone wrong on these - hopefully with a lesson to learn.

Can I Stay at Your House?
A theme that is gaining in popularity, or at least in the travel world:  Boldly asking for people to put you up and help you out while travelling. Either accommodations, garage use, tools whatever.
Is this proper Moto travel etiquette?
What does the host get from the exchange?
What is expected of you while enjoying hospitality?
How do you ask? Facebook post? Chance meeting? Forums? All of the above?
When are you asking too much?
When have you overstayed your welcome? And how to avoid that.
In poverty stricken countries - locals seem to give all they have - is it responsible to take from these people and claim we have a tight budget and are basically broke, when we don’t know what it like to be in that position and in no way are even close? Or is it a mutual exchange?

Pannier Tools
If you could take only three tools with you on a two month trip, what would they be and why?

Your favourite pannier lunch :)
Tips and suggestions for pannier lunches. 


Grant Johnson - Horizons Unlimited - THE premier source for information on motorcycle and overland adventure travel since 1997.

Sam Manicom - Author of motorcycle adventure books: Into Africa, Under Asian Skies, Distant Suns & Tortillas to Totems -

Graham Field - Author of motorcycle adventure books: In Search of Greener Grass, Ureka & Different Natures -

Shirley Hardy Rix & Brian Rix - Authors of motorcycle adventure books: Two for the Road, Circle to Circle & The Long Way to Vladivostok -

Jim Martin - Host of Adventure Rider Radio and ARR RAW -

Aug 12, 2016

ARR RAW Round Table Discussion with Travellers - Episode 8

Featuring Grant Johnson, Sam Manicom, Graham Field and Jim Martin. 

First Aid

Training before leaving?
What kit if any, do you have? 
What should all riders have with them for First Aid - minimum?

First Aid Kit - Courtesy of Sam Manicom
Keep it to a minimum! – Store in Air/dust tight container

Thermometer – normal oral temperature of 98.6°F (37°C)
Crepe bandage and safety pins
Triangle bandage – no more – tear up a t-shirt
Gauze Wound dressings - breathable
Paraffin Gauze dressings – burns
Wound cleaning gauze
Band-Aids – waterproof yet breathable
Compeed - blister plasters
Dry disinfectant powder – weeping wounds
Hand disinfectant gel – clean hands before start work.
Suture kit
Duct Tape!
Surgical gloves
Iodine tablets – clean water for wound washing
Sachet of Hydration salts
Saline eye drops
Pain killers
Imodium - for the treatment of diarrhea
Flagyl (metronidazole) is an antibiotic. ... Flagyl is used to treat bacterial infections of the vagina, stomach, skin, joints, and respiratory tract
Malaria prophylaxis - preventive treatment of malaria
Vaccination certificate and prescriptions from Doctor for any regular drug requirements
List of blood group, allergies etc, medical contact details, travel insurance contact details

*Added by Elizabeth for women riders: Oral Fluconazole - used to treat vaginal yeast infections

Off the Cuff

An open discussion between Grant Johnson, Sam Manicom, Graham Field and Jim Martin


Grant Johnson -
PLUGS : HUMM Spain - Aragon - Oct 17-20 - Register now at

HUBB - California
HUBB - Nakusp - RAW Recording Live
Website Upgrade: Looking for gps co-ordinates for anything such as repairs shops, border crossings, points of interest. Testers for new system: looking for user input. Contact Grant or Susan at


Sam Manicom -
PLUGS: Irve Seaver BMW Orange CA 3rd September
San Jose BMW 8th September
Horizons Unlimited California, Mariposa 22nd to 25th September


Graham Field -
PLUGS: Copdock Classic Motorcycle Club Bike Show:
KTM 950 Adventure for sale on eBay

Jim Martin -
PLUGS: HUBB - Nakusp - RAW Recording Live
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Jul 20, 2016

Episode 7: Trip Budgeting, Tires & Campers From Hell


ARR RAW Round Table Discussion with Travellers.


Featuring Grant Johnson, Brian Rix, Shirley Hardy-Rix, Sam Manicom, Graham Field and Jim Martin


RAW Episode 6 Topics:


Budgeting for a Trip


How much money do I need before I can go?

Do I need a reserve fund? If yes, how much?

Stretching your budget: Ideas on how to make a dollar into more than just a dollar.



What tires do you use and why?

What would the ideal travel tire look like?

Tips for getting more miles from your tires



Campers From Hell... :)

Grant Johnson -

PLUG : Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness Rockies, Spain, and India:


Sam Manicom -

PLUG: Book Signing and Presentation trip to Southern California/Arizona 


Shirley Hardy-Rix & Brian Rix -



Graham Field -


Jim Martin -


Jun 24, 2016


Episode 6: Importance of Off-Road Riding Experience, One or Two Piece Riding Suits and Riding in Extreme Heat


ARR RAW Round Table Discussion with Travellers.

Featuring Grant Johnson, Brian Rix, Shirley Hardy-Rix, Sam Manicom, Graham Field and Jim Martin. 


RAW Episode 6 Topics:


The Importance of Getting Some Off-Road Riding Experience

 This topic inspired by Sam Manicom, as he is doing some riding in the United States. Last month we talked about road riding experience. What about if you have lots of that but aren’t prepared for any off-road trails? How to get some experience with a school or on your own.


Riding Gear - One or Two Piece Suits

- advantages, disadvantage

- likes or dislikes

- how does weather, or climate affect what you should wear

- which would be better for heading out on lengthy adventure


Riding in Extreme Heat and Staying Safe While You Do It

- staying hydrated and how does dehydration affect you in the heat, how much water can you expect to carry for a certain distance?

- heat exhaustion and heat stroke - signs and prevention        

- dressing for riding in heat 


Show Picks & Plugs


Grant Johnson -

PICK: Electric/Heated Vests

PLUG : HUMM Spain -


Sam Manicom -

PICK: Jesse Luggage

PLUG: The Overland Event


Shirley Hardy-Rix & Brian Rix -

PICK: Motorcycle Investor:

PLUG: Aussies Overland New book! "The Long Way to Vladivostok"


Graham Field -




Jim Martin -

PICK: inReach Explorer


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May 11, 2016

ARR RAW Round Table Discussion with Travellers.

Grant Johnson, Brian Rix, Shirley Hardy-Rix, Sam Manicom and Jim Martin. With guests Susan Johnson and Rene Cormier.


Episode 5 Topics:

Doing it With a Partner:


This topic was inspired by Shirley & Brian who on their travels met many men living their dream that missed their other half. Some had their partner fly in to travel with them for a while, others had relationships break up on the road or falter while away. One person they knew even travelled with a helmet hoping to meet that special someone.

- discussions on riding with your partner, pros and cons


Laptop Survival:

Ideas on taking care of your laptop during travel. Do you really need one? Best methods for photo storage, etc. 


Newbie Travelling Motorcycle Riders:

A lot of the time, we hear that people plan a ride and take off for their multi country trip with not much riding experience, and quite often there are issues that arise becasue of a lack of riding skills.

- should a course be considered before embarking on a big trip?

-advice for someone who doesn't have much experience but desperately wants to travel and won't be thwarted.


Picks & Plugs


Jim Martin


PICK: Sena 20S Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

Sena 10S Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

PLUG: BackRoad Wanders

- this summer we will be doing a jeep adventure in British Columbia and the Yukon, filming for a new web video series called Northward Quest for Gold.

- we’ll be exploring gold rush trails and ghost towns of the Fraser, Cariboo and Klondike Gold Rushes

- we’ll also be doing audio recordings and sharing them throughout the summer on BackRoad Wanders podcasts. 

- all of this will be available for free to download, and the videos will be released in the spring of 2016 and available on youtube and on our website at


Shirley Hardy-Rix & Brian


PICK: Mick Doohan - Protective riding gear

PLUG: New book out this week! "The Long Way to Vladivostok". Will be available on Amazon. Check back for update!




PICK: Ashes to Boonville by Geoff G Thomas

Great story of a ride on Triumph Tigers across Russia, and Asia to the USA, of a big time tight budget. Shows what can be done. Really honest writing. Several threads. Both written from the heart and poignant but don't take over. Magic descriptions that will have the reader standing next to Geoff.

PLUG: Got a busy time coming up in the USA: 7 weeks in May and June riding Arizona and South California on an Al Jesse BMW F800GS. 

- Overland Expo West in Flagstaff Arizona – May 20th to 22nd – Presentations on Vietnam and Norway, classes on Sponsorship, Travel on the Cheap, getting your book published and a series of round table sessions.

- The BMW 49er Rally in Mariposa California – May 26th to 29th – Presentation 

- San Diego BMW – June 9th – Presentation evening from 6pm

- BMW Motorcycles of Santa Clarita - June 11th Presentation 5-7 pm

- Riverside BMW  –  June 18th Presentation – Time TBA


Grant & Susan


PICK: Dylan SamaraWickrama's story and book about his RTW trip, including building a raft and powering it with his motorcycle to sail around the Darien Gap between Panama and Colombia.

Book:  When the Road Ends, The Tale of an Incredible Journey

PLUG: HU Ontario is now less than a month away - June 9-12! Lots of great presentations and workshops and a great new venue. All the

HUBB UK follows right on its heels - June 16-19! The largest HU event worldwide is back at a fantastic new venue. We've already got over 50 presenters, including Dylan Samarawickrama and Sjaak Lucassen, the crazy Dutchman who went around the world on an R1!

We're particularly pleased that the venue, Baskerville Hall supports off-road rider training and riding. We'll be doing both classroom and on-bike sessions, and have lined up some big guns for this - Ramey 'Coach' Stroud, Lee Walters and David Knight. On Saturday, riders can put their freshly-honed skills to the test against a course for the inaugural HUBB Adventure Travel Challenge (ATC)!


RAW Guest: Rene Cormier -


An around the world motorcycle traveller, Rene Cormier is also an Africa motorcycle safari guide and the found of Renedian Adventures. He is the author of The University of Gravel Roads.


PICK/PLUG: A free evening of adventure at select BMW Motorrad dealers with Rene Cormier - Fun evening of talks and giving away a $1000 gift certificate at every talk.


See more motorcycle podcast at

Apr 15, 2016

Episode 4: Lane Splitting & Filtering, Essential Repair Skills & Tools and Wildlife Encounters


ARR RAW Round Table Discussion with Travellers.

Grant Johnson, Brian Rix, Shirley Hardy-Rix, Sam Manicom and Jim Martin. Missing this week is regular Graham Field.


Episode 4 Topics:

Lane splitting & Filtering


It’s a dangerous situation for a motorcyclist to be caught in traffic, the stop and go, distracted drivers, etc.

The University of California at Berkeley published a report in May 2015 that says “motorcyclists who split lanes in heavy traffic are significantly less likely to be struck from behind by other motorists”.

The National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety studied safety implications of lane splitting. “A motorcycle’s narrow width can allow it to pass between lanes of stopped or slow moving cars on roadways where the lanes are wide enough to offer an adequate gap. This option can provide an escape route for motorcyclists who would otherwise be trapped or struck from behind. There is evidence that travelling between lanes of stopped or slow-moving cars (i.e. land splitting) on multiple-lane roads (such as interstate highways) slightly reduces crash frequency compared with staying within the lane and moving with other traffic.”

Lane splitting and filtering are a normal practice in many countries…Europe…Asia… riders are expected and sometimes required to pass between vehicles and advance to the front of the group. 

If you are not accustomed to lane splitting and filtering (prohibited in most of United States and Canada) and you go to a country where it is law or expected, how can you be prepared for that? 

What if you don’t want to lane split - it’s too scary or intimidating - how do you handle that?

Do you avoid it? Just not do it?


Essential Repair Skills & Tools? How to Deal With Breakdowns? 

How prepared do you really need to be? What are the do it yourself repairs you should learn before you go? Tire changing, chain adjustment, oil change? Can help usually be found easily?


Wildlife Encounters

Dangers and not-so dangers?

Should you be concerned? 

How do you handle wildlife? Different countries - different animals…

Preparing? Knowledge you need? 

Is it a good idea to carry sprays, other wildlife defences?

What sort of defence tools do you take with you?

What sort of things can you do to deter animal encounters?


Show Co-Hosts Picks & Plugs

Grant Johnson -

PICK: Alpify -

PLUG : Horizons Unlimited Events are THE place for adventure riders everywhere to meet up and share experiences and new places to go! There's one on every continent (except Antarctica this year) so there's one near you - in a long distance traveller sort of way :). Check out what's happening at:


Sam Manicom -

PICK: Gator Grip  - Wonderful bit of kit for overlanding. Cut’s down on the number of spanners and sockets you’d need to carry – rounded off nuts and bolts do happen on the long road so great for this too! Fit’s nuts and bolts  ¼ to ¾. And 7 to 19mm. 3/8 Socket drive

Amazon - Gator Grip

PLUG: Got a busy time coming up in the USA. 7 weeks in May and June riding Arizona and S California on an Al Jesse BMW F800GS. 

Overland Expo West in Flagstaff Arizona – May 20th to 22nd – Presentations on Vietnam and Norway, classes on Sponsorship, Travel on the Cheap, getting your book published and a series of round table sessions.

The BMW 49er Rally in Mariposa California – May 26th to 29th – Presentation

San Diego BMW – June 9th – Presentation

BMW Motorcycles of Santa Clarita - June 11th Times to be confirmed

Riverside BMW during June too. – Presentation – Days and times to be confirmed.


Shirley Hardy-Rix, Brian Rix -

PICK: Andy Strapz -

PLUG: New book coming out soon! "The Long Way to Vladivostok". Watch for it mid-May.

Jim Martin -

Pick: Wood burning camp stoves. Found all over the net. Love them! :)

Plug: Listen to and help spread the word to your friends. Consider giving a donation to help keep the show free. Click the Donation button! :)


Mar 11, 2016

ARR RAW Round Table Discussion with Travellers.

Grant Johnson, Graham Field, Shirley Hardy-Rix, and Jim Martin. With guest Tom Woodrow from Adventure Bike TV. Missing this week are regulars Sam Manicom and Brian Rix.


Episode 3 Topics:


What constitutes an emergency?

SPOT and InReach devices allow you to call for help as well as send the message to a preprogrammed list of emails or texts. This could be a life saver or at least a huge hand if they know your route and make contact through forums or email with local people.

At what point do you really require rescue, as opposed to just some help. 

What are some other methods of handling emergencies?

Some countries bill for SAR? How does that affect your outlook?

Should preplanning your adventure in case of a "situation” include, getting to know others on forums so you have someone to reach out to in areas where SAR may cost or be unavailable? 


Riding the World in Two Weeks - Micro Adventures

For people with normal jobs and limited vacation time, what are some ideas and considerations for a grand adventure on a tight time-budget.


Bang For The Buck

Best destination for the money?

What would you look for or what do you think is the best dest for the money and for experience.


Show Co-Hosts Picks & Plugs


Graham Field -

PLUG: Seeking a sponsor for a special segment that Graham has the opportunity to do on Adventure Bike TV.


Grant Johnson -

PICK: Do Good As You Go:

PLUG : 9 Minute Moto Film Festival :


Sam Manicom -

PICK: Chunky Tread Motorcycle Club - &

PLUG: Manchester Motorcycle Show UK - April 2 & 3 - Sam will be signing books at the Chunky Tread Stand -


Shirley Hardy-Rix, Brian Rix -

PICK: Cycle Torque Magazine -

PLUG: Under Asian Skies - Audio Book by Sam Manicom -

More at


Feb 10, 2016

Episode 2 Topics:


  • The pros and cons of paying bribes, dangers and more.
  • Tips on how to deal with a demand for bribes and ways to wiggle through without emptying your wallet.

Bling, Expensive Bikes and Suits and Their Effects on Your Travel Experience

  • Does Bling or fancy expensive gear make people treat you differently when traveling.
  • Will your gear affect border crossings?
  • Do officials charge you more when they see a high priced bike and gear?

Who Needs Travellers Medical Coverage

  • What Medical coverage do you NEED if any.
  • Pitfalls to avoid when buying medical coverage and some questions you NEED to ask before you buy any MED insurance.
  • Can you trust foreign hospitals?
  • How to determine which hospital is higher quality.
  • Which type of hotel to check into if you are ill.

Graham Field -

Grant Johnson -

Shirley Hardy-Rix, Brian Rix -

Sam Manicom -

Adventure Rider Radio RAW -

Jan 13, 2016

Today is January 8 2016 and Welcome to the first ever - Adventure Rider Radio RAW
Roundtable discussions about motorcycles, travel and anything else that crosses our minds completely unscripted, raw and personal.

Monthly show.

Today at the virtual roundtable, afforded through the magic of the internet, we have SIX of us - Sam Manicom, Graham Field, Shirley Hardy-Rix, Brian Rix, Grant Johnson and Adventure Rider Radio host Jim Martin.

Graham Field Celebrity Guided Motorcycle Tour


Regular guests on this show are:

Graham Field

Sam Manicom

Grant Johnson

Shirley Hardy-Rix

Brian Rix

Jim Martin


See more at


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