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Jun 24, 2016


Episode 6: Importance of Off-Road Riding Experience, One or Two Piece Riding Suits and Riding in Extreme Heat


ARR RAW Round Table Discussion with Travellers.

Featuring Grant Johnson, Brian Rix, Shirley Hardy-Rix, Sam Manicom, Graham Field and Jim Martin. 


RAW Episode 6 Topics:


The Importance of Getting Some Off-Road Riding Experience

 This topic inspired by Sam Manicom, as he is doing some riding in the United States. Last month we talked about road riding experience. What about if you have lots of that but aren’t prepared for any off-road trails? How to get some experience with a school or on your own.


Riding Gear - One or Two Piece Suits

- advantages, disadvantage

- likes or dislikes

- how does weather, or climate affect what you should wear

- which would be better for heading out on lengthy adventure


Riding in Extreme Heat and Staying Safe While You Do It

- staying hydrated and how does dehydration affect you in the heat, how much water can you expect to carry for a certain distance?

- heat exhaustion and heat stroke - signs and prevention        

- dressing for riding in heat 


Show Picks & Plugs


Grant Johnson -

PICK: Electric/Heated Vests

PLUG : HUMM Spain -


Sam Manicom -

PICK: Jesse Luggage

PLUG: The Overland Event


Shirley Hardy-Rix & Brian Rix -

PICK: Motorcycle Investor:

PLUG: Aussies Overland New book! "The Long Way to Vladivostok"


Graham Field -




Jim Martin -

PICK: inReach Explorer


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