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Adventure Rider Radio RAW Motorcycle Roundtable Talks

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Feb 20, 2018

ARR RAW Round Table Discussions With Motorcycle Adventure Travellers Featuring Grant Johnson, Brian Rix, Shirley Hardy-Rix, Sam Manicom, Graham Field and Jim Martin. 

ARR RAW February 2018 Topics:
When you're on a trip, you still need to look after home responsibilities, how do you do that when far from home? Have you ever had an "aha moment", when you realize just why you're doing this crazy trip? And sometimes travel can be a bit much and you start thinking about getting back home, should you end your trip? And what about border crossings? Are they really that scary?

Border Crossings: Which countries are easiest to get in to, for people that are concerned about border crossings, the hassle, etc?

Keep Travelling or Go Home?: Did you ever have a moment where you thought, 'I just want to go home!' 

Aha Moments: Describe a moment from a trip where that moment inspired you to think 'Yes! This is why I'm out doing this!' 

Listener’s Question: Dealing With Normal Life While on an Adventure

Mike Samsen: How do you deal with all the details of so called "normal" life while on an extended rental, mail, bills, prescriptions, etc?

Tyson Clark & Sarah Goulopoulos - The Ride of Our Life:
Ted Talks - How to Speak That People Want to Listen - Julian Treasure:

Show Co-Hosts

Sam Manicom 
Sam's 4 paperback books take you through the different continents of what turned out to be an 8 year motorcycle journey around the world. You can get them either direct from Sam, or via The Book with Free Worldwide delivery. You can also find them on Kindle, and all 4 are available as Audio books for download from i-Tunes and Audible. Or you can get MP3 Audio Book CDs direct from Sam on  

Grant Johnson - Horizons Unlimited
THE premier source for information on motorcycle and overland adventure travel since 1997.
HU Events:   
Achievable Dream Online:

Graham Field
Graham's website has a shop full of temptations for travel lovers and an extensive gallery for readers to follow his stories in photos. Products include t-shirts, pannier replica box sets, the 'brake disc' MP3 audio book and, of course, his books, which have collectively accumulated over 200 Amazon 5 star reviews. All sales via the website come with free stickers. All his books are now available in the US and on kindle too.

Shirley Hardy Rix & Brian Rix 
Authors of motorcycle adventure books: Two for the Road, Circle to Circle & The Long Way to Vladivostok. Aussie Overland’s books are available through the usual eBook outlets worldwide or order directly at They make a great  read whether relaxing by a fire in the northern hemisphere or by the pool in the southern hemisphere.


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