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Adventure Rider Radio RAW Motorcycle Roundtable Talks

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Mar 19, 2018

ARR RAW Round Table Discussions With Motorcycle Adventure Travellers - Featuring Grant Johnson, Brian Rix, Shirley Hardy-Rix, Sam Manicom, Graham Field and Jim Martin. 

ARR RAW February 2018 Topics:

Where Do You Rest Your Arse?

Ideas for comfortable camp chairs, camp pads, and other ingenious ideas.

Yellow Tents: In the January episode of RAW we talked about yellow tents and insects. Listener, Mike Samsen, wrote in with his thoughts:

"Someone said NOT to get a yellow tent because it attracts bugs. Being the happy owner of a yellow Redverz, I was distressed by my apparent stupidity (though I’ve never had an issue.) Anyhow, being a recovering management consultant, I had to do a little research. As it turns out, it appears yellow is a good color. According to, "Insects are attracted to ultraviolet and blue light, including black and florescent." Pest maintains that "yellow lights or the color yellow actually prevents mosquitoes from biting you. Yellow is a color mosquitoes can hardly see and when they do see the color it confuses them. Consequently yellow clothing may be a wise choice to prevent an evening out from turning itchy."

So, we discuss the use of yellow tents again and set some things straight.

Listener Questions:

Advice about Getting Back on the Bike After a Crash:

Geoff Goins
asks for input from the RAW panel: I know it has been covered on ARR, and here and there in several other episodes, but I would love some insight from your panel about getting back on after a big crash? The mental barriers and how to deal with the fear. I had a crash last fall that resulted in surgery and a wrecked bike, and I am having doubts about getting back on. I know Sam has had a couple spills, and still gets on and rides.

Convincing Someone that Travel Can be Safe:

Huw Gwilliam
has done some motorcycle traveling in the USA with his girlfriend, but now wants to go to Central and South America. He wants to know how to convince her that it will be safe and she shouldn't worry about it. And how does he avoid the stress of worrying about her while on the trip?

A Question for Sam Manicom:

Mark Plank
has a question for Sam Manicom: [He] has mentioned in interviews (Horizons Unlimited DVDs) that his friends at the pub laughed at him when he told them that he wanted to ride a motorcycle around the world. Now with miles and miles of travels and numerous books and appearances, what do these same friends say about Sam?


Liz Jansen:

ARR RAW is produced by Canoe West Media and Elizabeth Martin. Co-hosts of RAW are Sam Manicom, Grant Johnson, Shirley Hardy Rix, Brian Rix and Graham Field, with host Jim Martin. For this round table talk series, audio is edited, mixed and produced by Jim Martin.


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